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Digital art by George Grie
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Graphic design computer monitors store, flat panel monitors LED, LCD for digital artists

Large computer monitors 22"-27" for 2D 3D HD definition visual arts, widescreen with LED backlight, used CRT monitors, refurbished computers shop, etc.

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LCD vs LED vs Plasma computer monitors
LCD and LED computer monitors are based on the same basic technology for image. While LCD monitors use cold cathode fluorescent lamps for backlighting, LED monitors use light emitting diodes.
Power Consumption. LED monitors are preferred over LCD monitors because of the remarkable picture quality and comfort of working. LED monitors require a lot less power. LED monitors are softer on the eyes than LCD monitors which make them popular choices for graphic designers who work long hours on their desktop computers.
Monitor Cost. The manufacturing of LED devices is more costlier compared to LCD displays.

Recommended for graphic design work!
Please note that the information below is for recommended performance minimum only. The IT technology evolves rapidly and most of the listed parameters improve overnight.

22+” LED (light-emitting diode) computer graphics monitor
The manufacturing of LED devices is more costlier compared to LCD displays which have raised their overall price. To get an idea about the complete range of choice available to you while buying new computer monitors or TVs, refer to LCD vs LED vs Plasma comparison. Environmentally friendly, incredible picture quality. LED features a mercury free LED backlight widescreen display with energy savings compared to traditional CCFL backlit LCD monitors. The LED offers Full HD 1920x1080 resolution, 5ms response time, an incredible 10,000,000:1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio, digital and analog inputs and integrated stereo speakers. Ideal for both the home and graphic designer office with its piano black finish, elegant fit to any decor.
Product Details
Up to 40% power savings over a traditional CCFL 22” monitor
1080p Full HD 1920x1080 resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio for perfect image reproduction
DVI and VGA inputs for diverse connectivity options
Integrated stereo speakers for multimedia experience
Highest-grade panel with the best pixel performance policy in the industry

Pair it with a ViewSonic or Mac computer. One of the key advantages of the LED monitor is its diverse connectivity options, making it flexible to be paired with a PC or a Mac computer. ViewSonic has recently announced a full line of PC products, including notebooks, netbooks, PC Minis and all-in-one PCs. Now you can hook up a Viewsonic ViewBook notebook or a PC Mini as well as a MacBook or a Mac Mini to the LED and enjoy a full HD widescreen with LED backlight!

27+” LCD (liquid crystal display) computer graphics monitor
Touch of Color widescreen LCD monitor. A truly striking monitor to behold, it features a rose black gradation. 70,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio gives you tremendous detail, while 2 ms (G to G) response time gives you razor-sharp motion video. 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution.
Ultra light. Less weight is better.
Product Details
Touch of Color monitor features a rose-black gradation and the tapered neck adds another level of refinement
ENERGY STAR rated, uses up to 33 % less power. Plus, the Power-Off feature automatically shuts off the monitor
At 1920 x 1080 it delivers best vivid HD on a wide screen
Ensures your dark and light colors are never compromised
HDMI connections are the fastest, most intelligent way of connecting HD digital peripherals with your monitor.

If you were looking for a budget monitor best used for basic graphic design, online browsing, text editing, movie playing, and photo editing, this LCD-LED would be a great buy. Large screen or higher resolution is not always a better choice and it really depends on your visual arts needs. If you really want to get a full 1080P video experience, you may watch the movie on 46" HDTV.

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