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Digital art by George Grie
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Graphic designer tablets, artist digitizing tablets, digital pad, drawing pens and brushes

Digitizing tablets for computer graphics, input devices, hand-draw graphic art images, designer tools, supplies equipment.

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How to buy a computer graphics tablet
The graphic tablet has two parts, a flat surface or pad for drawing, and a pen or stylus. You also get a penholder, and most tablets come with a cordless mouse for the tablet surface. Digital artists may choose to use a tablet because it offers a more ergonomic method of graphical input.
CAD users, digital artists, and technical illustrators use a larger surface area, but the price goes up as the size increases. The popular sizes of graphics tablets are 4x5, 6x8, and 9x12 inch. Wacom produce wide-format graphics tablets to better correspond with the widescreen monitors and for users working with multiple monitors.

Recommended for graphic design work!
Please note that the information below is for recommended performance minimum+ only. The IT technology evolves rapidly and most of the listed parameters improve overnight.

Digital Art Tablet
VisTablet 12-Inch, The New Standard in graphic tablets. These tablets are ideal for professionals in the Graphic art and Photo industries, students, and general needs for handwriting recognition on your MAC or PC. VisTablet allows you to explore the internet, draw, paint, write, highlight and do professional or home photo editing. Vistablet ahs incorporated all the latest features and benefitsneeded and expected from a graphics tablet and made it affordable for everyone. The VisTablet has 1,024 levels of sensitivity to the pen-pressure you apply to the surface for superb recognition.
System Requirements: Microsoft Windows Vista Microsoft Windows XP, Apple OSX. Please note that the VisTablet graphics tablets are designed to take advantage of built-in features in Windows Vista and MAC OS. Some capabilities will not be available to all users. Mouse capabilities are universal with all compatible operating systems.
Most Affordable Tablet On The Digital Art Market
Thinnest and Most Portable Tablet
1024 levels of sensitivity to the pen-pressure
Mac and Windows Compatible
No stand-alone power supply required

Graphic Tablet for Home and Office
Genius MousePen is a deluxe package that includes a tablet with a comfortable 8x6-inch surface area, a cordless pen with 1024 levels of pressure-sensitivity, and a cordless three button mouse. This tablet is ergonomically designed for drawing, handwriting, sketching, coloring, or picture editing, and powered directly by the USB connection. It's a digital media tool for designers, with "hand-eye" coordination, good input device for a computer. Features:
Tablet Plate features a programmable "Hot-Cell" above the active area of the tablet for convenient and fast access to your favorite shortcuts.
Cordless Pen 1024 levels of pressure-sensitivity pen can stimulate various painting tools, like a fountain pen, watercolor handwriting pen or airbrush pen when using painting software.
Cordless Tablet Mouse This tablet cordless mouse is fastidious about comfort design and accurate tracking, giving you entirely carefree navigation.
Free Software Quickly and easily reform your digital photos, create fine artwork, even mark up or take a note by using bundled valuable software-Corel painter 8 (Trial Version), PenSuite program (including: Annotate All/Word, Pen Commander, PenMail and PenSigner).

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