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Make Money
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If you have digital art images, photos, and graphic design clipart, you have a great chance to make some extra income flow while sharing your creativity.

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Our free clip art stock provides digital photo images for web design, print publishing, and graphic design application. Most of the stock photography, artworks, and clipart pictures are royalty and cost free.

Pilot Project
free clipart and photography stock sharing income online

Q: Are there simple ways to make money online?
A: There is none. There are many sites today that display modern art and photography by professional and amateur artists. Most of the stock websites allow you to show your digital materials and in the process earn some money. As a veteran or amateur digital artist you have realized by now that making money from selling your art works is really slow and difficult. In addition, majority of the stock sites have very strict rules about image qualities and formats. Selling your creative clipart, photo stock prints, or digital art licenses does not bring any considerable and steady income.

Q: What is the best way to earn from digital stock?

A: Making money with your own website is the right and best way to go. Unfortunately, promoting your own site requires tons of time and skills you might not have. Moreover, achieving a decent website traffic is almost impossible these days. You have to have an extremely large and high quality free content to be noticed by visitors. Most of the social networks like and or professionally oriented clipart and photostock sites are making good money from advertising while exploiting your creativity and patience.

Q: What is your moneymaking idea?

A: The short answer is - passive income! A passive money flow from the most profitable advertising programs is the paramount missing part of the majority of photo stock websites. You might not ever sell a single license or print, but each view or download of your digital image can bring a little income into your pocket. We offer a new teamwork solution for those who would like to promote their creative content and monetize it at the same time. The moneymaking idea is sharing our well-established visitors’ traffic (more then 100.000 page views per day) and your digital stock.

Q: How does monetizing digital art work?

A: All webpages with your clip art images, or photos, or creative pictures will display a number of advertising units. We provide you with the free web traffic and you make money from the commercial ad units that are adjacent to your visual materials. You run your own commercials on all pages that generated by your uploaded content. If you are familiar with the Google AdSense and Blogger integration, you already know how it works. In addition to the passive ad income you will be able to sell image and photo licenses, link to your print sites, etc.

Three easy steps to start:


Sign up for free account and upload your digital clipart materials.


Setup your advertising units and image or photo prices.
You get paid for every visitor that clicks on your ads. Our goal is to enable you to make as much as possible from your advertising space. If you already have a website, you most likely use by now one of the commercial ad networks. If not, sign up for one of the best in business below.

Google AdSense text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content
The Publisher Commission Program

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Accumulate your monthly income from direct advertising and license payments.

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Free digital clipart & stock photo sharing: make money from your digital art works.

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Free clip art photo sharing: photostock clipart digital photography images exchange. Make money from your photo stock clipart digital art photography.