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view enlarged, download 3d art fantasy wallpaper
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view enlarged, download 3d art fantasy wallpaper
view enlarged, download 3d art fantasy wallpaper

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view enlarged, download 3d art fantasy wallpaper
3d active wallpapers Mixed modes and sci-fi landscapes
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view enlarged, download 3d art fantasy wallpaper
view enlarged, download 3d art fantasy wallpaper

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If you are a serious creative artist with a strong commitment to your art, we would like to look at your work. There is no charge for inclusion in our exhibits. E-mail attachments of art will not be accepted except by pre-arrangement. Please include a website address (if any) where your art may be viewed. All submission inquiries will be acknowledged. Be aware that we do not collect or use your personal information in any way.

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Chess game 3d fantasy art images, free pictures 3-d wallpaper Jungian Reflections within the Cinema: A Psychological Analysis of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Archetypes
Book by James F. Iaccino; Praeger Publishers, 1998

When I was writing my book entitled Psychological Reflections on Cine- matic Terror: Jungian Archetypes in Horror Films for Praeger Publishers in 1994, I knew that I would not be able to do justice to the psychoanalytic theory by focusing on just one movie genre. Though the correlation be- tween Carl Jung's primordial images and horror story lines was a striking one, I felt that other treatments could be considered along the same lines of investigation as the first work. Thus, the purpose behind Jungian Re- flections within the Cinema is primarily to extend the archetypal analysis to a number of movie categories, ranging from science-fiction to fantasy films. There is even a section on television series that have tried to emulate the larger-than-life movies in plot and character development. In the proc- ess of broadening my scope, I hope that I have succeeded in providing greater substance and three-dimensional life to Jung's extensive list of ar- chetypes not only to this present generation of readers, but also to those who will follow.

The format of Jungian Reflections within the Cinema is similar to the previous text. Each chapter will concentrate exclusively on an archetype via a package of films that illustrate its essential contents. For instance, the Jungian shadow has been represented in various movies as an oppressive society ( Logan's Run) or an alien race ( Battlestar: Galactica) that is hell- bent on maintaining control and order in the universe. Archetypal heroes like Logan-5 or Commander Adama are inserted into the stories not only to fight such debilitating influences, but also to lead the people to a more democratic (and paradisiac) way of life. The perpetual struggle between the ego and its complementary dark side is a common theme which has been transmitted to every culture since the beginning of time and will not be ignored here.

Some other notable images discussed within these pages consist of the following: the space-father, the god-image, and the shadow species for the science-fiction genre (Part One); alchemic travelers, divided superheroes, grail quests, and deadly children for the fantasy genre (Part Two); and, to complete the analysis, shadow pursuers for the television genre (Part Three). A special introduction to Jung's archetypes will precede the three basic divisions to supply the reader with the necessary reference point for mastering the complex material presented later.

I am indebted to the authors listed below for helping me perform my second set of archetypal investigations: first and foremost, Carol S. Pearson, who has written several pivotal works on the subject, including The Hero Within: Six Archetypes We Live By ( 1989) and, more recently, Awakening the Heroes Within: Twelve Archetypes to Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World ( 1991); also Robert H. Hopcke, who has done an excellent job in giving a layman's perspective on Jung's major concepts with his Guided Tour of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung ( 1992); and, finally, Stuart M. Kaminsky, who really started the process of applying Jung's ar- chetypes to the cinema and television in, respectively, American Film Gen- res ( 1988) and American Television Genres ( 1988).

I would personally like to thank my wife, Michele, for the hours she has devoted (and continues to devote) to the rearing of our four children: Jon, Nicole, Kaitlin, and Rebecca. She has made it possible for me to read every possible source of Jung's I could find, thus allowing me to become an expert on his archetypal theory. Without my wife's assistance and support, I could never have written this companion text to Psychological Reflections on Cinematic Terror or, for that matter, ever begun the archetypal journey into the cinema. Thank you so much, Michele!

Let us now enter the world of primordial images and see what we can discover by examining some fairly popular films over the last two decades. I can assure you that our travels will be quite exciting. We might even open up new doors into our hidden psyche and understand a little bit better exactly who we are and what our nature is like.
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3d sci-fi fantasy scapes, modern futuristic art 3d fantastic nature wallpaper examples

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