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CG (computer graphics) Jobs and Graphic Designer Career
All graphic design jobs require design sense, attention to detail, problem solving skills, and profound knowledge of digital software. Graphic Design Jobs cover all ends of the creative spectrum. The best way to land a graphic design job and enter into this exciting field is to get the right training at a graphic design school or college that offers a graphic design degree. Learn more including what training is needed as well as salary information.

Art Director: Art directors, or creative directors are in charge of a creative team that produces artwork to be displayed in magazines, on television, on billboards, on the web, or on products.

Multimedia Designer: Jobs in multimedia design can be found in such career fields as television or film production, animation, audio production, and set design, as well as several other multimedia, and production design fields.

Flash Designer: Flash is the newest and trendiest technology currently used in web design.

Illustrator: Illustrators conceptualize and create illustrations that represent an idea or a story through two-dimensional or three-dimensional images.

Layout Artist: A layout artist deals with the structure and layout out of images and text in a pleasing format for printed media.

Brand Design: Brand identity design is concerned with the visual aspects of a company or organization's brand or identity.

Logo Designer: A logo is a graphically designed symbol, set in a specific typeface or font, and arranged in a unique way, with distinct colors, shapes, and designs to represent a company, product.

Technical Illustrator: Technical Illustrators conceptualize and create three-dimensional images, storyboard sketches, and moving illustrations for animated productions, television commercials, movies, computer games, or set and exhibit designs.

Photoshop Artist: Photo editing, and new photo editing software like Photoshop has helped professional photographers and designers more easily bring their visions to life through advertisements, magazine layouts, billboards, etc.

Photographer: Photography is more than just capturing an image. Professional photographers need to learn how to use the camera and other photography equipment such as lights, film, lenses, filters, and digital technology.

Print Technician: Prepress involves a variety of tasks including checking proofs for errors and print clarity and correcting any mistakes, transforming text and pictures into finished pages.

Web Designer: As a web designer, your work could be viewed by thousands of people everyday. Web designers create the pages, layout, and graphics for web pages, and play a key role in the development of a website.

Related Occupations - Workers in other occupations in the art and design field include:

  • Artists and related workers
  • Commercial and industrial designers
  • Fashion designers
  • Floral designers
  • Interior designers

Occupations that require computer-aided design skills include:

  • Computer software engineers and computer programmers
  • Desktop publishers
  • Drafters

Occupations involved in the design, layout, and copy of publications include:

  • Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers
  • Authors, writers, and editors
  • Technical Photographers
  • Prepress technicians and workers

And many more

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