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Web Design & Website Development services available as well.

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InterArtCenter company (Toronto, ON, Canada) provides economical search engine optimization service solutions to small art-related and selected business-oriented websites. Our professional web SEO services include web design optimization, submission, and expert link popularity services. Web Design and Website Development services available as well.

SEO optimization program promotes top search engine positioning or placement for your site; manual search engine submission basically means that we manually submit your site to the search engines. Our SEO optimization technology means that we help you find a niche where you can rank well and attract clients. This is accomplished by tweaking your title and metatags and your submit page content. This is a subtle art but one based on detailed research.

Web SEO services  search engine optimization company web design tools SEO target marketing service solutions

Some simple steps to better rankings that we provide:

  • Pre-optimization analysis of search engine readability
  • SEO Optimization research
  • SEO Optimization recommendations (page title, site description, key words, submit page content)
  • Hand or manual target marketing submission
  • Link popularity program, emphasizing one-way inbound links
  • Featured listings in hand-picked online directories
  • Monthly reporting
  • Position monitoring
  • Competitive analysis (includes SEO analysis of competitors' websites and comparing their SEO features with yours)
  • Monthly fee starts at: $400 USD
  • Duration: 3-5 months (depends on keywords competition)

There's much more to it than relying upon common sense or just copying the metatags of a well ranking site. Link popularity is a critical task to any web design and target marketing specialist. We will scrupulously analyze your target webpage, your title tags, meta-tags, description, titles, text body, alt tags, anchor links, and keywords ensuring you are putting your best face forward. The most important part of submitting your site and link partner building is basically what you submit.

We will hand submit your site, one search engine, link partner, and directory at a time. The fact is that once you are on the big engines you will be picked up by hundreds of engines though most of them are fairly insignificant. In fact, most engines just rent their database from the gigantic three engines: Google, Yahoo or Msn.
You have probably heard that Google has made keyword search counts available through its Keyword Research Tool. There are many keyword research tools out there, until this announcement, none were able to
provide Google-only data. Use it to refine your keywords optimization search.

Let us know if you are interested in our SEO or Web Design services.
Do not forget to provide your website URL and desired keywords.
Web Design & Website Development services available as well.

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