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Digital Fantasy Art Gallery - 2D & 3D Art Media, Computer Artists' Catalogue

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Digital artists' catalog
Since the early 1990s the vocabulary of contemporary visual arts has expanded significantly. Many modern digital artists, students, teachers, and critics have suddenly found themselves drowning in a sea of computer jargon that seems to have descended suddenly from nowhere. A clear-cut guide to modern computer art tendencies was greatly needed.
This artist's artwork collection is intended to be a guide into the frontier of current trends of modern visual art and culture. It includes several hundreds of well-known digital masters and aspiring 2D & 3D artists that have recently entered digital arts. Already famous computer genres as fantasy, SF since fiction, abstract, digital landscape, etc. presented here as well.

Join the fantasy art gallery
If you are a serious creative artist with a strong commitment to your art, we would like to see your artwork images. There is no charge for inclusion in our exhibits. Our objective is familiarizing general public with contemporary digital arts, and providing direct access to pictures & websites of respective creative individuals. is an internet nonprofit educational project. Our visual gallery has no agenda except the promotion of modern computer artwork. It is free to the viewing public and contributing artists. It does no solicitation or promotional mailing. Content: 3D art images, fantasy art gallery, graphic design 3d wallpaper, digital artwork 2d 3d pictures, free desktop backgrounds images, digital art 3D wallpapers. Sponsored advertising has made this initiative possible.

Modern digital art genres
Even though, fantasy art, science fiction, and surreal art themes prevail in our gallery we do not bound our online gallery to surrealism or fantasy art only. Photography, vector and pixel art are all here. Below are some modern art genres in the form of computer desktop wallpaper that we proudly present.
- 2D, 3D Art, Photography
- Abstract, Art deco, Body-art
- Celtic art, Dream art, Fantastic realism
- Dark art, Goth, Gothic
- Digital realism, Photorealism
- Fantasy art, Fairy art
- Visionary art, Sci-fi art
- Neosurrealism, Neo-romanticism
- Magic realism, Outsider art
- Digital landscape design
- Psychedelic, Pop-art, Post-surrealism
- Postcyberpunk, Cyberpunk
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DAZ | Studio - 3D Software
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